Pleated & Cellular Blinds


A popular choice for conservatory blinds, pleated blinds recently became available with fabrics more accustomed to roller blinds.  Textured patterns, bold and vibrant colours or contrasting patterns all make pleated blinds an alternative choice for your window treatment.  With controls not dissimilar to that of a Venetian blind, a raise and lower cord allows you to position the blind at the height required.

Our pleated blinds fabrics are available with a reflective coating to help reduce heat build up and glare from the sun.  Also the Cellular fabrics are a honeycomb system with either a blackout heat reflective and insulation lining or a transparent lining to allow light through.

Pleated and Cellular blinds are available as free hanging blinds, or as part of the Perfect Fit System that is fitted to double glazed windows and doors.  See our Perfect Fit Blinds section for details.

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