Which of our range is suitable for you?

Antigua MDF Shutters

Our entry level shutter is manufactured from MDF with a tough polypropylene coating that is available is five shades of white.  This shutter range is not only good value for money, but it is also very durable and takes the day to day knocks that a family can give out.

Available for standard, small to medium sized windows, or as part of the tracking system for larger doors and windows, and as of recently we can now offer this product for linear shaped openings, for example triangles and hexagons.  Unfortunately curved shaped openings are unavailable in MDF, but our Fiji or Sumatra product is available for any shape.

Bermuda MDF+

Using the same manufacturing process as out Antigua MDF range, but replace the louvres with ABS plastic ones, the weight of the panels are reduced significantly.  This allows larger single panel widths to be achieved.  Add to this that the durable polypropylene coating is then painted in one of our 28 contemporary colours and you have a highly customisable, value for money shutter.

As with our Antigua shutter, the Bermuda MDF+ is suitable for small to medium sized openings and also as part of the tracking system for larger doors and windows.  Also linear shapes, such as triangle and hexagons are also available.

Cuba Engineered Wood Shutter

The first wooden shutter in our range is constructed of a mix of sustainable woods and is then painted in one of a choice of 6 elegant shades of white.  Compared to our two MDF shutters, our wooden shutters are lighter allowing a maximum of upto four panels hinged together, whereas our MDF has a max of two.

Recommended for larger width windows and as part of the tracking system for doors and large openings, we also offer the linear shapes, such as triangles and hexagons.

Fiji Wood Shutter

Paulowina is a fast growing, sustainable wood that is grown from root to harvest in 7-10 years.  It is also extremely lightweight and has a lovely grain that looks amazing when stained in one of the 20 colours.

If you prefer a painted finish, then our Fiji shutters are available is 28 elegant colours and are made from premium hardwoods that are sourced from ethical resources.  If you can’t find a colour that suits your scheme, we are able to match any color from your favourite Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Little Greene or from any colour swatch or item that can be colour scanned at the factory.

Due to their lightweight properties, Fiji shutters are recommended for large, wide openings or as skylight or conservatory roof shutters.  Our tracking system is also an option for wider openings.  Shapes are not a problem either as any shape can be made, either by mathmatically calculating or by templating.

Sumatra FSC White Teak Shutter

Made form FSC Certified White Teak, our top of the range Sumatra shutter looks amazing in one of our 28 elegant painted finishes, or equally in one of the 20 stained finishes.  As with the Fiji shutter, if you cannot find a colour that suits, we can colour match to pretty much any colour available.

The options for the Sumatra range include our full eliptical louvre size range, from 32mm to 114mm and also two flat louvres of 60 or 84mm width.  Any curved or linear shapes and the tracking system are available.

Java ABS Shutter
An ABS plastic construction and 100% waterproof make the Java range an extremely tough and durable shutter, suitable for high moisture and high traffic areas they can be wiped down easily.  Available in a choice of 6 shades of white, with the usual choice of louvres and tilt rods as the rest of our range, the Java shutter looks the same as our other shutters, so mixing products for different rooms is no problem.