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A simply beautiful range of shutter colours

We have a range of 28 painted finishes, 8 of which are based upon Farrow & Ball colours, and 20 stained colours which show of the beauty of the quality woods.  Which ever colour you pick, all of our shutters are finished with 6 layers of paint or stain followed by a UV protective layer to ensure maximum protection against fading from sunlight.

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Custom colours

If you are unable to find one of our colours to suit your style, we are able to offer a colour match service that means you can have your shutters in any colour you like.

Tilt rod or no tilt rod, that is the question

Centre Tilt Rod
Offset Tilt Rod
Hidden Tilt Rod

Tilt rods are used to control the angle of the louvres and are attached to each louvre with a stainless steel staple.  Traditionally they are positioned in the centre of each panel, but we can position the offset to one side.

Alternatively we have the option of the hidden or silent tilt.  This removes the need for a tilt rod being attached to each louvre, instead there is a gearbox built into the side stile, as you move one louvre the rest follow.  An option with the hidden tilt system is to split your louvres into sections, for instance if you have twenty louvres from top to bottom, you could have them split so that the top ten and the bottom ten would operate independently of each other, allowing you to close the lower half giving you privacy, but have the upper half open to allow light in.

Hinge colours

Hinges allow the panels to be folded back giving access to the window.  Depending on the number of panels you have will determine the number of hinges.  The first panel will have the hinge positioned facing in the room, the next panel will have the hinge facing towards the window and then in the room and so on, this allows bi-fold or multi-fold panels.  When the panels are closed you see the barrell part of the hinge in the room.  The finish of the hinges is dependent on whether you would like them to disappear or alternatively make a feature of them, maybe matching to door hinges or handle finishes.

Louvre Sizes & Shapes

Louvre size depends on the amount of light you require and also what type of view you would like through your shutters.  Traditionally the 47 and 63mm louvres were popular giving privacy and light control.  The larger your louvre 76, 89 & 114mm, the less louvres you have and the more space between each louvre.  This gives you a less obscured view, but maintaining the privacy.  The larger louvres also give a more contemporary look to your shutters.

Our Sumatra FSC range as well as offering the 47, 63, 76, 89 & 114mm eliptical louvres, also have a 31mm eliptical, or two flat louvres with sizes 60 & 84mm.

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